Welcome to Chart Project Management, specialists in construction and refurbishment project management services.

Based in Worcester, we offer Project Management services locally and nationally. With over 20 years’ experience delivering refurbishment and maintenance projects, significantly to the Leisure Retail industry - from pubs, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets – we deal with domestic and public sector, and for clients ranging from large international companies to small businesses and individuals.

We can manage your project from briefing stage to completion, taking care to ensure that your project delivers what you want at the cost you want, and, in the timescale needed. We have delivered projects with values ranging from £10,000 to more than £2m, handling all aspects from inception to completion.

"I've known Ian since 1997. He's a world class project manager, an outstanding professional and a real gentleman. He has a fantastic technical knowledge and broad project and construction team management experience covering many elements of the built environment. If you're looking for a reliable value adding individual to make things happen you need look no further. I have no reservations in recommending Ian to you."
Building Services Director; Mitchells & Butlers 1997-2012

A significant part of what we do is to act as the central point of communication. This can be a simple relationship between a client and a builder, but often involves liaising between many different construction and allied trades, between differing client groups within the same client organisations and between many differing suppliers of goods and services. You can decide how much or little involvement you need in the decision making and running of your projects.

Team Building
Most projects will need a team to deliver your needs. We can help source all the team members we need, from Contractors to Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, to specialist Consultants, Contractors and suppliers for just about anything you can think of. We will remain central to this team, ensuring that the team comes together and works to deliver a wholly successful project. Anticipating, understanding and working out successful solutions to the differing requirements and problems of each participant is our specialisation. This is always done whilst ensuring that you as the client are the central to the process, the most important part of the project and the reason why we are here to assist

Health & Safety
Every project must have proper assessment and resolution of all Health & Safety issues. In many projects we carry out works as businesses continue to trade. This can have significant benefits in lessening trade impact of project works, but must be carried out in a way that does not endanger staff and public who are in the proximity of works.

When working with existing buildings for example, we have to consider any asbestos which may be present. (did you know that some types of asbestos were still legally used as late as 1999?) We can assess any implications with asbestos in buildings and plan around its removal or management.

Legislative Requirements
Initial assessment of potential issues such as Planning and Building Regulations is essential to ensure that each project progresses within the bounds of legal requirements. Licensing, Fire Regulations and Environmental Health are just a few examples of other requirements we can help you resolve.

Total Project Solutions
Don't forget all those associated items, large and small, which are essential to your project.
How do we get IT installed? Where can we get loose furniture, artwork, or even cutlery, soap dispensers or toilet roll? We can help in the consideration and implementation of all these requirements so that your project is completed and functioning when you expect.


Ian Menhinick  BA(Hons) DipArch ICIOB
Ian founded CHART in January 2011, after 20 years experience as a Project Manager with Selfridges and Mitchells & Butlers. Qualified as an Architect, Ian's strengths and interests have led a firm and steady pathway in Project Management. Excellent communication and management skills, combined with a creative and knowledgeable approach underpin a successful and enjoyable working relationship with all his customers.

“Building projects, usually complex in their own right are often further complicated by other requirements and need specialist advice. The expertise I offer helps my clients make informed choices and decisions regarding their projects.“

“Clients need difficult building issues explained in language they can understand, and want to build a relationship on trust with their project team.”

Call me at any time to discuss your project on: 07715 179445 or click here to contact me by email.

We will consider and advise on how proposed works will work for you in the long run, not just how they will look at completion. Have you ever seen beautiful lighting high up in a building where some of the lights are blown and wondered, ‘how do they get up there to change those?’, or how about furniture that is beautiful, but not robust enough for the job of dealing with the amount of use it will receive? We can help to consider these issues and help to find the solutions that will keep working year after year.